Hello, all professionals,
I have a question about using python to pass argv to another script. And here's the problem:

I have installed a Virtual Machine(Windows XP) in my Host system. Right now, I propose to create a script located in my Host system to pass a argument to the script inside my Virtual Machine. I am puzzled about how could make this happen? or there is no way to realize such behavior?

Thank you for your considerations and your great helps.;)

The VM Emulator is: QEMU.

I don't know anything at all about virtual machines, but if I wanted a script to execute another script on a remote host (with arbitrary argv), I would install a ssh server on the remote host and send the command to that server with the module paramiko.
Can you access the virtual machine like any host on your network ? (it's probably not the best way, but why not ?)

Hi, Gribouillis
Thank you for your kind-hearted reply.
It seems like KVM provides a method of connecting my Host machine by assigning a port to it. I guess I can use this mechanism to pass certain argvs to it.
Thank you for letting me know the module: paramiko.
I will try that with a installed ssh.
Again, I am grateful for your considerations.