The practical exercise for this session will be to create a cash register program that you input the cost of an item, the number purchased and if a sales tax applies to the item. If a tax does apply to the item, the tax value will be ten percent of the items cost.

In the example, the bread costs $2, it does not have sales tax on it, so its final price is $2. The shirt on the other hand, has a cost of $20, and does have tax on it, so ten percent of 20 is 2, making the final price of the shirt $22.00. The program will then calculate the cost of all the items. This will be in a loop so that a number of different items can be inputed and when finished the program it will produce a grand total.

here is my code so far

// iostream is needed for this cout statement.
#include <iostream>
#include <cstdlib>
using namespace std;

// functions in program
float total = 0.0;
float grandtotal = 0.0;
float rrp = 0.0;
float taxinc = 0.0;
float subtotal = 0.0;
//float numberpurchd = 0;
//float num = 0;

//void item();
//float numberpurch();
//float orig();
//float tax();
//float totals();
char itemn;
int rrpd;
int numberpurchd;
char ans;

* The main function is the starting point for the program. It contains all of
* the statements in this program.
int main()
char itemn;
// char rrpd;
char ans;
char response;

cout << "Cash Register Program\n\n";
cout << "Item: ";
cin >> itemn;
cout << "How Many Item being purchased: ";
cin >> numberpurchd;
cout << "Input original Price: $";
cin >> rrpd;
// num = rrp * rrpd;
rrp = rrpd * numberpurchd;
cout << "Before GST: $" << rrp << endl;

cout << "Does GST apply to item (t = yes or f = no): ";
cin >> ans;

case 't':
// taxinc;
//taxinc = (rrp * 10 / 100);
taxinc = rrp * (.10/100);
case 'f':
} // close switch

// taxinc = (rrp * GST);
cout << "Total including GST: $" << taxinc << endl;
subtotal = taxinc + rrp;
cout << "Complete Subtotal including GST: $" << subtotal << endl;
total = subtotal + total;
cout << "Next item? y = yes or n = no: ";
cin >> response;
}while(response != 'n'); // close do loop

grandtotal = total ;

cout << "Total Amount: $" << grandtotal << endl;
cout << "Thank You for ordering and Have a nice day!" << endl;

return 0;
} // close main function

help would be appreciated

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no its not home work, i am actually stuck on this,
1. is when inserted for rrp price 1.20 doesn't work and its has now since gone weird in the loop section.

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