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If there is an embedded JVM (which do exist) and you are using Java RealTime (which sounds like an oxymoron, but it exists and is real time, although I don't know if it is applicable to the embedded market), which isn't free, BTW (a pretty hefty license, to tell the truth, if I rememeber right).

As you can guess from this post, this is not the sort of thing Java was meant for.


can any body refer me a book related to chip programming or any other online book...thanks


1. How many time you need to be told not to start multiple thread for same question?
2. As always your question is very vague and unclear what you trying to achieve.


Dear Java can be used for low level programming using native keywords which requires c,c++ knowledge.So I suggest you to learn c embedded programming and then connect with java using native keywords

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bad answer, thread hijacking
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