I'm a Python semi-beginner and i have to do a prac but the problem is i've totally forgetten how to do it! Can you please help me get started with part 1 even if its just 1.a because every time i tried to get it to work it keeps saying 'unexpected indention'. Any help would be great, thanks.

1.a) Create a list that contains the names of 5 students of this class (you may need to ask other students their name). Do not ask for user input through the keyboard, simply create the list with 5 names hard coded into your program.

b) Print the list to the screen.

c) Ask the user to input one more name and append it to the end of the list.

d) Print the list to the screen.

Your practice does not require indention. No conditions or loops.

Show us the code you have and the error message, so we can help you.

Hi its no longer an issue thanks anyway