I just recently (one week ago) started learning Pyton. I'm using 2.7 as I heard that is best for begginers. I am also following a manual, which is really helpful! The one problem with manuals is that it's very easy to just type whats written and not understand it at all. To get around this at the end of each exercise I go back and put a #blah blah line above every line of code, explaining what it does. That way you learn more, as you have to understand it to type out what it does. :)

Well if you have just started python, you're in the right place because daniweb has a lot of python treads, well there is a saying that you learn programming by programming so it might look like you are just coping codes but if you put your mind to it you will really get it, i also started like a month back now, in the beginning it seemed that way also but as time went on by challenging my self with the exercises and letting my brain think, i started to get the hang of it. Just look out for a program you can write, and write it even if it's not really efficient then you can paste in the code snippets, people will comment on it , and tell you where to improve on, an the programming moves to the next level,
Hope I've been able to help you.
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