Hey guys,
thanks for looking at this. Honestly i have no clue where to start. i emailed my teacher and havent gotten a response back. Hopefully someone else can shed some light onto my problem. one of my programs i have to make is:

Design and implement a Java program that displays the first 10 terms of an arithmetic progression of the form:
A, A+D, A+2D, A+3D ...
where A is the first term and D is the common difference, in an array of 10 elements, using a loop. Assume A =3 and D = 5 in your program.

like i said before. i have no clue what to do in this case can anyone start me off? thanks

You see that the common formula is

A + (0) * D = A
A + (1) * D = A + D
A + (2) * D = A + 2D

You will notice that only the multiplier for D is the variable that is incremented by 1 everytime.

For this you can do a for Loop.