I have a project in BlueJ, called Game. Inside this project, I have the following files:

File_A - A JApplet file which creates instances of Class_A and Class_B and calls their respective member functions.

File_B - Implements Class_A (a JPanel)

File_C - Implements Class_B( a JPanel)

In order to post it online, I did the following:

Created a jar file for File_A and checked the option to include project files.

I then wrote a FileA.html file as follows:

<!-- This file automatically generated by BlueJ Java Development  --> 
<!-- Environment.  It is regenerated automatically each time the  --> 
<!-- applet is run.  Any manual changes made to file will be lost --> 
<!-- when the applet is next run inside BlueJ.  Save into a       --> 
<!-- directory outside of the package directory if you want to    --> 
<!-- preserve this file. --> 
        <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"> 
        <applet code="FileA.class" 

The FileA.jar and FileA.html are in the same folder on the server. When I run the applet on the server, I simply get a blank screen. Any suggestions on what else needs to be included to make the applet run?

Thank you!!

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