I have a project in BlueJ, called Game. Inside this project, I have the following files:

File_A - A JApplet file which creates instances of Class_A and Class_B and calls their respective member functions.

File_B - Implements Class_A (a JPanel)

File_C - Implements Class_B( a JPanel)

In order to post it online, I did the following:

Created a jar file for File_A and checked the option to include project files.

I then wrote a FileA.html file as follows:

<!-- This file automatically generated by BlueJ Java Development  --> 
<!-- Environment.  It is regenerated automatically each time the  --> 
<!-- applet is run.  Any manual changes made to file will be lost --> 
<!-- when the applet is next run inside BlueJ.  Save into a       --> 
<!-- directory outside of the package directory if you want to    --> 
<!-- preserve this file. --> 
        <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"> 
        <applet code="FileA.class" 

The FileA.jar and FileA.html are in the same folder on the server. When I run the applet on the server, I simply get a blank screen. Any suggestions on what else needs to be included to make the applet run?

Thank you!!

Hello Members,

Can someone please reply?

Thank you!!

Hello Members,

Can someone possibly reply?

Thank you!!