Am doing my mini project,i want to insert images in my user login pages,am not doing the project using net beans,,,can u help me by creating a page(need codes) contains a label and inserting image into it... where should i keep the downloaded image so that i get the image in my gui page....

Why should we do your work, and/or your research, for you?

This is your project so do it. Gods I am really getting sick and tired of the feel of entitlement kids have these days (I know, we all had it, but it just seems so much worse than it used to be).

Do something, if it "doesn't work" post the relevant portions of it here, along with all compiler/error messages, and a complete, but brief description of the difference between the actual and expected behaviour/output, and we will help you to correct it. We are not, however, even going to think about doing it for you.

If you haven't got the first clue as to how to do it, then pick a "mini-project" about which you do have a clue, or learn (what you probably should have already have learned) what you need to learn to do that project.