So I made a few tutorial applications and understand the most basic Python concepts and I'm well on my way to become a Python addict, only one thing is standing between me and the road ahead. I'm trying to make my first "useful" Python application - a program that allows me to keep code snippets that I come across on my journey, almost like a journal of useful code.

But I want to do something I haven't read about yet. I have the "wxPython in Action" book, but I haven't read it through yet, I also didn't have the time to search the entire forum for similar posts, so I apologize if I make a duplicate thread.

I want to use wxPython to make more than one form and switch between them, but the most windows I had in an application was only the main form. Any help or useful resources on this topic will be greatly appreciated!


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You can use wx.Notebook widget to have multiple tabs.

Is there no way I can switch windows? I have written an entire new class for the new window, can't I somehow switch to make the window use the other class with an event?

import your new class into your main programe . Then there will be a conection with the event.

Okay, and one more question, is it possible to switch between wx.Frame or should I rather replace the wx.Panel?

you can make a class that inherit both tkinter and wx.
with this you can have both world at your disposal.

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