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Can you show what you mean by 2d array as there are many alternatives. Looks from tags that you are using numpy. I am not very familiar with it. I know general way of ziping items together with their indexes and sorting the tuples, but numpy should have optimized functions for this.

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You have to iterate through the entire array, whether you write you own or use a built in method. Since you also want the max also, go through the array once, storing any number that is larger than the current maximum, along with it's position.

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Just a few common Python functions will do ...

# find the index of the largest item in a list
# index starts at zero

a = [77, 123, 18]

a_max = max(a)
ix_max = a.index(a_max)

print(a)       # [77, 123, 18]
print(a_max)   # 123
print(ix_max)  # 1
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