Hi guys, I'm new to this site and I have a question regarding internet bots in general.
What I want to do is to use C (or php) to create a bot that will scan the internet
(perhaps log into sites, retrieve data, get links, play internet games?) on the Mac Os X.

Also, the concept of an internet bot is quite fuzzy to me right now. It seems there are two ways to implement a bot: through emulating mouse clicks and by using network functions such as cURL. Which is really used to make internet bots?

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This gives general information about bots

I am not entirely convinced if you need this information for destructive or constructive purposes so I will not give any further information. If you are really interested in this topic then google will be your best friend in this endeavor

Thanks, I have checked that out. I have googled the subject for some time and Wikipedia is my main source of reference on any subject. I have found out you may use cURL to automate logins and simulate cookies. You may also use sockets to send packets of data. On Windows, you may emulate keyboard input and mouse input to interface with Windows browsers.

I suppose all these define how a bot is made. But cURL works only with POSTS and GETS. To really make a bot do whatever you want I guess you need to emulate keyboard input and key clicks.

Is there any way to do that on a Mac OS X in C (like in Windows)?
On Windows there is a header that allows you to simulate input, but I haven't found any for the Mac.

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