I'm fairly new to VB and haven't done this kind of thing with code before...

I would like to read values set in a string that's retrieved from the Web, I've already got the string in a string called Webdata.

The string is like so...

"Info" {
   "Name" {

I need to set Value1, Value2, Value3 as strings that I can use.

I'm not great at technical terms im sorry.

Any help would be great!


Dim Value1 as string


Not really sure what you're trying to do?

- Jordan

Its hard to explain.

I would like to break down the string so that I can set "Name1" as "Value1"

The string is dynamic and is taken from a PHP file.

The only other way I can explain what I would like is...

"Info" { 
   "Values" {
       "Value1" "1"

I need to get the values defined above so I can use them in my code...

label1.text = Value1

This would make label1's text 1

I hope you understand now.