I have some questions...
Firstly, I have an ArreyList that is stored two String "Name", "Description"
This is a database of students

private void addStudents () 

I also have the methods that adds, modify and delete students from the term list.

protected boolean addStudent (String name, String description) 
        boolean added = false;
        if (!nameExists(name)) {
            namesList.add(new Student(name, description));
            added = true;

        return added;

Using this for example I can add new students in my list. The problem is that I want to have interaction using BlueJ terminal. That means that:

while (!name.equals("add new")) 
     addName (String name, String description)

I know that is is not true... I want any suggestion about what should I do to do this work?


masijade commented: And what is so bad about wanting to warn other people to make sure the aren't wasting their time? -2

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So, why do you disapprove of warning others to check and make sure that they are not wasting their time?

Possibly another.

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