I have some questions...
Firstly, I have an ArreyList that is stored two String "Name", "Description"
This is a database of students

private void addStudents () 

I also have the methods that adds, modify and delete students from the term list.

protected boolean addStudent (String name, String description) 
        boolean added = false;
        if (!nameExists(name)) {
            namesList.add(new Student(name, description));
            added = true;

        return added;

Using this for example I can add new students in my list. The problem is that I want to have interaction using BlueJ terminal. That means that:

while (!name.equals("add new")) 
     addName (String name, String description)

I know that is is not true... I want any suggestion about what should I do to do this work?


And what is so bad about wanting to warn other people to make sure the aren't wasting their time?

So, why do you disapprove of warning others to check and make sure that they are not wasting their time?

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