I would be very grateful of any insight/resolution of the following issue I need to overcome.

Using VS/VB2008 Pro/SQLExpress - all running on XP, I am building a WinForm Application (a Quotation application for Landscape Designers).

48 Bound controls on my form work perfectly with DataSet and Tables when Updating any user changes to controls on the form to variables that determine price/cost of work being quoted for - providing the DataSet has already got values in it; Delete also works fine. However, although the "AddNew" (on form's BindingNavigator) works, it takes 30 - 35 seconds to add a new row. Table contains 10 rows and 45 columns. This is unacceptable and despite most of this afternoon reading forums, searches etc, I have failed to find a solution to an issue that I cannot believe appears to be so infrequent. Clearly, it is something I am doing or not doing.

I have searched via Google, crawled over MSDN pages, read/searched some of the standard textbooks on VB 2008 and looked (again) at Beth Massi's Data-related Forms over Data video series. I have re-checked the properties for the TableAdapter/Manager on my Form. I have used the wizards to create the necessary Select etc clauses. All runs as required except when user needs to add a new row (aka "New Quotation")

Thank you in anticipation for any help or directions to you can provide.

Is not ususal to have those large 'wait times' for insert.

Many things can happen.

I've got this problem on a machine that has a raid 5 disk failing and a bad sector in another disk of the raid5, so, when trying to write in the disk it took more than 45 minutes for an insert, and most of the times failed just with a time overflow message.

Another possible issue is that your machine is low in memory (using more memory than the phisical) and has heavy swapping to disk. In this case you should increase your (machine) memory.

I detected this kind of problems also in a multiuser or multithreading environment when a dead-lock happens.

I know that those comments are not a solution but I hope this helps.

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