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While developing the Virtual University Learning Management System (LMS), there was a requirement stated that: “Students should be able to post their questions on MDB of LMS, so that it may help them to clarify their concepts in case of any confusion, after they have attended the lecture.
To post any MDB, we suppose that student is already logged in on LMS (with already provided student ID and password), now to post question, student will open discussion board and place his/her question there and click the post button, in which case his/her MDB will be posted.”

You are required to write the above requirement (of posting MDB) in narrative use case form (also called elaborated form, discussed in lecture 6).


1) The components of elaborated use case are:

Use case Name
Implementation priority
Normal course of events
Alternative path

2) Note that the above components are also discussed in Chapter 3 of handouts (Lecture No. 6).

3) You are required to write the use case in narrative form. Diagrammatic form is not required.

Q2 [10 Marks]

Draw the ACTIVITY DIAGRAM of the given scenario:


An XYZ university has a well defined library that stores more than 1000 books, from which some are allowed only in library while others can be borrowed by students. The library also has 10 computer terminals (with already installed Library Management System) placed in the library. In order for a student to borrow the book, following mechanism is followed:
Student logins the library management system with already provided login ID and password. After login, student has two options: Either he can enter the book information (he already knows the title, author name, edition etc.) he is looking for or alternatively he may select from interface to view the complete catalog (in sorted form) from which he can select a book. Once he has selected a book from either of the above two options, he may request the system to issue him the said book. System now verifies the book status, issues that book to student and updates the catalog. Along with issuing the book, the system also prints a voucher of the book with student information, book information and other related information. Student signs this voucher and submits to librarian, which hands over the book to student.

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