Couldn't sleep last night, so I was browsing and found the "Starting Python" thingy. I must say Python looks interesting from the examples. I learned C++ in school, Python sure looks easier to understand. Does any one think it's better than C++?

I am using C++ and Python, the two languages complement each other well. To develop an idea, Python will get you there faster. The code is easier on the eyes and more intelligible.

Of course, Python is an interpreted language, so it will be inherently slower in execution than C++. Speed of execution however is not always the most important thing. Time is money, and speed of program development could be more important, in this case Python might be the winner.

If you want a relatively small executable file, then you have to translate to C++ and compile and link. I have done it a few times, and it's not too time consuming. Maybe I should create some tools to make it easier. I would write those in Python.

For a beginner I would recommend Python. It gets you used to object oriented programming and sometimes can be downright fun. When you switch to C++ later, many concepts will be rather familiar to you, and you won't mind the regimentation so much.

I don't think Python is better than C++, but you can do thinks at a higher level with it.

I don't think Python is better than C++, but you can do thinks at a higher level with it.

And, of course, with less frustrations and headache ;)

One thing I always hated in C++ was Mister Bloat, the awful omnipresent header file:
#include <iostream>
That turned a simple Hello World console program into a 415kb executable monster.

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