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Hi everyone,

If you do not want to use notepad, you can use the ide i am using
called Java IDE version 1.9. Its a no frills ide and thus no gui builder but you will learn more because you will be coding everything by hand

Here is the link you can download from


I hoped this helped you

Yours Sincerely

Richard West


Using JavaIDE:
The first time you run JavaIDE you will need to set it up for use with
your compiler (either Sun's "javac" compiler supplied as part of the
Java SDK, IBM's Jikes compiler, or the GJ compiler for the Generic
Java language). Choose the appropriate compiler and specify its full path
name; locate the runtime library "rt.jar" in your Java Runtime Environment
installation, and specify an applet viewer (either Sun's applet viewer
supplied with the Java SDK or a Java-aware web browser).

hi.. can you pls explain this.. im confused
where can i get this? (Sun's "javac" compiler supplied as part of the
Java SDK,)


Yes, the java compiler is part of the SDK download. Javac is the program name that you will need from the sdk and is located in /jdk<version>/bin.

The rt.jar file is located in the /jdk<version>/jre/lib directory.




If you don't want to pay for an editor and you don't like VI (hard to imagine, but some people haven't seen the light) Eclipse is one of the best options (though not for beginners, jEdit or jExt are better for them as Eclipse like all IDEs prevents learning how to use the commandline tools by hiding all that from you which is a Bad Thing).


Another excellent editor is VIM (http://www.vim.org/about.php), think VI with buffers (multiple files) and syntax highlighting etc ... I couldn't be without it. Whenever I use any other editor I end up with ":w" all throughout my documents :) it's habbit.


JEdit's my pick. It is a bit slow to start up and buffer all the files if you have hundreds like me. I like the highlighting and indention schemes. Most vates or ides never get the indention right. It would be something like this:

public void test()

When I want it like this.

public void test()
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