Hello guys!

I am new to web development in general and C# particularly.

Recently I have been given a project to create a simple web application, using C# and .NET.

The application is divided into three parts: Data Access Layer with an XML file attached to it, the Business Layer and the User Interface Layer.

So the question is- could anyone give me a guideline or a clue on how to design the DAL using XML (The tutor said I shoulsn't use SQL for this purpose). I spent whole day to find any tutorial on XML Data Access, but couldn't fins any info on that. (((

If possile, could you please provide me with a link to a sample code or step by step tutorials on XML file based DAL using C# in Visual Studio Express.

Thanks in advance and sorry to bother you with such a newbie question.

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Thanx guys, I will go fot LINQ then I suppose. Any idea how do I build DAL using LINQ?

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