i want to known that i am starting to work on chip programming so i cant understand my first step.The programming language on which i used to work is java and still working.so my question is that can i use c# to program a chip please let me knwn.thanks in advance

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thnx... i am trying to program a chip for a security camera that can capture the image on the movement of the object.so in that case the netdunio chips are useful for that kind of project alc6379

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Hey! And how about classical C or at least C++?
C's the "closest" language to machines (without considering the assembler))

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C/C++ is going to get you as close to the metal as possible, but don't discount .NET for this-- if you're going to be interfacing with a video camera, you'll probably have easier access to video processing modules, etc, with a higher level language.

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