i want to known that i am starting to work on chip programming so i cant understand my first step.The programming language on which i used to work is java and still working.so my question is that can i use c# to program a chip please let me knwn.thanks in advance

You can program some chips in .NET, take the Netduino, for instance:


That's the first one that comes to mind. I think there are also other boards running the .NET Micro framework, too.

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thnx... i am trying to program a chip for a security camera that can capture the image on the movement of the object.so in that case the netdunio chips are useful for that kind of project alc6379

Hey! And how about classical C or at least C++?
C's the "closest" language to machines (without considering the assembler))

C/C++ is going to get you as close to the metal as possible, but don't discount .NET for this-- if you're going to be interfacing with a video camera, you'll probably have easier access to video processing modules, etc, with a higher level language.