You are required to develop a simple GUI application for the registration of voters.
Your code should take data form user into text fields and save it into a text file.
You will make voter class and a GUI.

The Voter Class must have following attributes:
• National ID Card Number (This should be primary key)
• Name
• Father/Husband’s name
• Age
• Address
• Province

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What have you done so far? In what exactly do you need help?

make a new JTextArea object. put it in a JFrame. addActionListener to this JTextArea object. take the input from the JTextArea (check Java API for JTextArea for the relevant method) and put it in a file. simple..

ummm, you do know how to append text to a file dont you?

wow dhruv no need to be a dick.

it was an honest question.. im not being a dick on purpose.. i do have one though if you know what i mean.. giggity..