new in here, new in java world and new in programming at large, but i believe i can learn with the help of professionals and educators in the house.
Don't be surprise am staring from such task as a newbie, it 'cos am made to believe i must find a project for myself to start with.
So, i want to have an idea of how to go about design and analysis of an inventory management system.
Please help, if possible to give me how the program will look like(prototype of the program)or direct me to where i can get source code for the program or something related to it.
Thanks a lot.

Let's start with a definition of "inventory management system". What does this mean to you? Can you describe some of the features such a system would have?

You have companies that there entire business comes from inventory management systems, so you will have to be more specific about what are you trying to achieve and where do you encounter problems :)

Taking inventory management of a supermarket as an example;
Just like i said in my 1st post, am new but i really want to learn and become a programmer in no time, i've had SCJP training and i have sat for the exam, but i did not make it,and i want to learn coding fast

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