I'm trying to input numbers in a binary tree with an array of random integers. But all I get is two numbers, and they are always the same!

From the main:

const int length= 10; // This is used several places, hence the const
int array[length]; // One of the places the length is used

// More code here for inputing one and one number to the tree.
// Not really relevant for the array part.

for(int i =0; i < lengde; i ++)
	array[i] = rand() % 50 + 1;

From the code for binary tree:

void BT::ins(int *number)
	tree_node* tree = new tre_node;
	tree_node* parent;
	tree->t = *number;
	tree->l = NULL;
	tree->r = NULL;
	parent = NULL;

		root = tree;
	} // end if
		tree_node* curr;
		curr = root;

			parent = curr;
			if(tree->t > curr->t)
				curr = curr>r;
			} // end if
				curr = curr->l;
			} // end else
		} // end while

		if(tree->t < parent->t)
			parent->l = tree;
		} // end if
			parent->r = tree;
		} // end else
	} // end else
} // end method

Where did I go wrong? Why am I only getting two numbers? And the same number? :confused:
(Typos might be from editing from one language to another since it's not originally in english. So ignore regulare Typos.. ;) )

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Call srand((unsigned)time(0)) only once before your first call to rand() . This seeds the random number generator with the current time.
You'll need to include ctime (formerly time.h) for this.

Already done that. That part must not have been copied when I posted the code. Strange... But I do have the


and this works fine when I input one singel integer 10 times using a for-loop.

It's just inserting 10 random integers to an array and passing these on to the tree I can't seem to get rigt.

EDIT to the last post!

The error is corrected! I've just been really blond dealing with this problem. Was a silly mistake...

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