Getting Error after installing Turbo C.... how to rectify this problem.... Reply to this E-mail id: [email removed]

ERROR: Sorry, unrecoverable internal error. Press ESC.
EXCEPTION 13:general protection fault at 036F:3253 error code 0000
ds=069F limit=FFFF segment# 004D C:\TC\BIN\TC.EXE
es=0000 limit=INVL segment#
cs=036F limit=3881 segment# 001A C:\TC\BIN\TC.EXE
ss=069F limit=FFFF segment# 004D C:\TC\BIN\TC.EXE
error code=0000 limit=INVL segment#
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If you have the compressed version, uncompress it (7zip works well and is free from the site and others).

Then read and follow the directions in the readme file (I can't recall if it's in TC or TC/BIN, but one or the other).

You may need to add TC and/or TC/BIN, to the path, I know I did, but don't recall if it was absolutely necessary or not. This is a forum, so save your email addy.

> Getting Error after installing Turbo C.... how to rectify this problem.
Well you could complain to your school, and get them to spend THEIR time and money on supporting obsolete tech (you paid them, one way or another, make them earn it).

Whilst some of us know how to solve your problem, few of us care enough to bother helping with this issue.

Consider it a form of passive resistance. If your school gets to feel the full impact of every student complaining about this old crap, then they might just do something about it. If we continue to help with TurboC issues, it just enables your school to do nothing.

Or you could just install a modern compiler - read my sig links for why.

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