Need idea for start this program.....?

Consider the following Student class specification:

public Student() //CONSTRUCTOR
Initialized the attributes

public String name ()
This Student’s name

public String address()
This Student’s address

public String matric ()
This Student’s matric number

public int creditHours ()
Number of credit hours this Student enrolled in

public int fees ()
This Student’s fees for the semester

public int feesPaid ()
Amount this Student has paid so far for this semester

public void changeName(String newName)
Change the name of this Student

public void changeAddress (String newAddress)
Change the address of this Student

public void changeMatric(String newMatric)
Change the matric of this Student

public void payFees(int amout)
Pay specified amount of fees

public void registerCourses(Course course)
Register course(s) for this Student

public void displayCourses(Course course)
Display courses registered by this Student

#The methods registerCourses and displayCourses in the class Student use another class - class Course. The specification for the class Course is given:

public void registerCourses (String courses[], int numberOfCourses)
Register the courses to this Student

public void displayCourses()
Display courses registered by this Student

1. Write the complete program for the classes Student and Course above (Assume that the fees are $100 per credit hour, student can only register a maximum of 5 courses and minimum of 1 course per semester, all the attributes should be declared as private).

2. Test the above class program in a new class which has the main()method (your main() program should be interactive)

Public class Student
  //TODO: Implement.


Public class Course
  //TODO: Implement.

What have you tried so far? Where do you get stuck?

public class student
public string name;
public string address;
public string matric ;
public int crediHours;
public int fees;
public int feesPaid;
privet int numberOfSubject;

public student(String Name,String ADDRESS,String MATRIC)


how to do the implement.....

there is not a single "Java for Dummies" or beginners tutorial that does not answer that question.
have you tried ask our old buddy Google yet?