I am thinking of starting a program for a java enabled phones or smartphones...

I am a beginner there for i don't have advanced knowledge of such programming...

So heres my requirements;
1.the code should be able to run in netbeans
2.step by step process with explaination for understanding the code....
3.the code should be simple...
4.it should allow the user to select the camera on the phone....and search ne other user...
5.it shud allow complete video conferencing both throungh internet or a basic bluetooth..

Rest it should be similar to the video confernce release for android cell phones....

Plzzz help!!!!

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@anonymousi ask if you have any specific question..

your post looks like a client telling his requirements to software engineer..:)

One more thing..

the code should be able to run in netbeans

What do you mean by that?. A java program will run anywhere provided there should be a JVM/JRE.

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my question is how to make such a program...as susch i had no luck researching over it and this place always solved my problems


@harinath..... I am sorry about that but all i meant was if it was with netbeans it can be to ask doubts because although i know little bit about java programming i have not yet mastered using netbeans software...

so all i need is a simple code to make what seems to be a complex task...

so any help...


> so all i need is a simple code to make what seems to be a complex task
It is a complex task. What makes you think there is a simple code for it? And why should someone else write it for you?

This is your project and you need to make the effort. Ask specific questions when you get stuck. Have you done any Android programming at all? Have you downloaded the SDK yet?

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all need is a code to cross connect to devices with video interface ....( atleast help me on this...i did do a lot off internet research..and i am not satisfied)

and nope...i don't have a clue about android programming..and again i don't have anything to do with android...

and as i mentioned i am a beginner with java and still need more details about client server programs using java...

i think i might dissolve this idea..maybe...


this is same as java tutorials...i finished trying this ...

anywayz thank you for introducing me to android site ... i am glad to notice that its not different at all....all i want to know is how will i be able to see the sample code on the site ...its a interesting venture i'll surely try android ...

and i am currently using netbeans ...

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