I am using ADODC Connection. I saw in one project it is written as following:

Dim rsT As New ADODB.Recordset

Plz let me know whether ADODC=ADODB. And can we change the above example as below:

Dim rsT As New ADODC.Recordset


ADODC is just a control that encapsulates some functionality of ADODB (which is a library). At the time you need to start to use ADODB functionality, like to declare a New Recordset (an ADODC already has a property for that, so there's no need to declare a new one in most cases) or so, the best thing to do is to forget about ADODC and go with ADODB for everything.

To give you a clear answer to your question, no, it's not the same. You will have to include ADODB in your project's references.