Hi All,

I am using a msflexgrid to display my access database (not editing it in run time).

But, I have one column which is a boolean.
When I display it, that boolean column doesn't show as "True/ False" or "Yes/ No".
It is shown as " -1 / 0 " ... that's not so informative at all.

How can I show it as True/ False?



Make use of an if then statement, something like -

With MSFlexGrid1
            If .TextMatrix(iRow, iCol) = "-1" Then
                .TextMatrix(iRow, iCol) = "False"
                .TextMatrix(iRow, iCol) = "True"
            End If
        End With

:) thanks buddy, you are the best!!!
it works perfectly

It wasa pleasure. Happy coding.:)

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