hey guys...

i made a database using Access....it consists of questions and 4options each...

i made a quiz progg through java and connected the database using jdbc....
before,since it was my trial attempt, i entered silly ques into the database like whats ur name with 4 options....just to check if its working or not...it did...

now when alls done..i made a similiar progg, changed the ques in the database...connected the new progg to the same database and ran...it shows the new questions...

but the old progg...it displays the new questions and options...but when i select an option it takes the old values!!!

old database: 1.) whats ur name? a)luke b)brandon c)john d)josh

new database: 2.) in C/C++ we call it functions, in java ___ a) objects b)methods c)classes d) enum

my old progg with the database( with nnew ques) still takes the value luke,brandon to the new ques of c/C++ Functions....

i checked a lot, deleted all class files, re did everythng...no use

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