I need an code to go this page:

And grab the data beetwen:
http://steamcommunity.com/id/ and "

href="http://steamcommunity.com/id/otti">threeD</a><br />

so it will grab in this case the word "otti"
Theres a lot of lines like that, so i need a code that grab all the specified words of the page and store that on a litbox or some listtext, one word for line.

And when its done with all words of the page he need to goes to next page:

so i need to make something like that

If grab on page is over then navigate to the next page "actualpage"+1

and if theres no specified word it stops.

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Since the pages you want to retrieve data from are in total of over 15 thousand, I would use Net.HttpWebResponse to retrieve the innerHtml of a web-page instead of using a WebBrowser.
This way you do not overload your Temporary Internet Files folder with Files that you have no use for.

Using Net.HttpWebResponse, you should be able to locate and extract the IDs and also extract the Total Pages from that first page.
Then just add +=1 and extract next page until you are at the Total number of pages available.

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