hi.... i'm trying to write a function clear image but i am not being able to write it.
it is as follows. i am loading a picture and i want by clicking the button clear, the picture map.gif dis appear..

there is a function blank in tkinter but i am not being able to use it well to perform this.
can anyone tell me how to do it?????


import Tkinter
from Tkconstants import *

def window(tk):
    global photo       
    canvas=Tkinter.Canvas(frame,bg ='white', width=500,height=500)
    obj1 = canvas.create_text(250, 10, text='Simulation ',font=('verdana', 16, 'bold'))
    button=Tkinter.Button(frame, fg ="blue",text="Clear",activebackground='red',command=clear).pack(side =LEFT, padx=20)
    canvas.create_image(200, 250, image=photo)

def clear():
# can anyone tell me how to write the function clear image



root = Tkinter.Tk()

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If you want to clear the whole canvas instance of all items on it, use:

commented: you are getting good with Python +7

i don't want to delete the whole things. i just want the image to be deleted...
can you tell be how i can do it????

Then you have to give your image object a name ...
img1 = canvas.create_image(200, 250, image=photo)
... and delete that on specifically...

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