I created 2 classes and I need to pass Name, Dept., Birthdate and HireDate from the Employee class to the Date class. I get the month date and year from input prompts. The problem I have is how to get those dates for the employee passed into the date class. The book examples dont really help with this problem much. both of my classes are below and I did do a small class test for each one.

#myEmployee Class
"""This is a Employee Class for a company that tracks Dates"""
class Employee:

    def __init__(self):
        self._Name = ' ' #Name
        self._Dept = ' ' #Department
        self._BirthDate = ' '#BirthDate
        self._HireDate = ' ' #HireDate

    def setName(self, Name):
        self._Name = Name

    def getName(self):
        _Name = raw_input('Please give me your Name. ')
        name = []
        return self._Name

    def setDept(self, Dept):
        self._Dept = Dept

    def getDept(self):
        return self._Dept

    def setBirthDate(self, BirthDate):
        self._BirthDate = BirthDate

    def getBirthDate(self):
        Get_Month = raw_input('What month were you born? ')
        Get_Day = raw_input('What day were you born? ')
        Get_Year = raw_input('What year were you born? ')
        return self._BirthDate

        def setHireDate(self, HireDate):
            self._HireDate = HireDate

    def getHireDate(self):
        Get_Month = raw_input('What month did you start working? ')
        Get_Day = raw_input('What day did you start working? ')
        Get_Year = raw_input('What year did you start working? ')
        return self._HireDate

    def __str__(self):
        display = "The Employee with the Name: " + str(self._Name) + " is in the  " + str(self._Dept) + " Department. "
        display += "The employees birth date is: " + str(self._BirthDate) 
        display += " and the first day with the company is:  " + str(self._HireDate)
        return display

#Test class Flight Customer code test
if __name__ == '__main__':
  myEmployee = Employee()
  print myEmployee
#Date Class
"""This is my Date Class"""
class Date:

    def __init__(self):
        self._Month= ' ' 
        self._Day = ' ' 
        self._Year = ' '
        self.setYear(' ')

    def setMonth(self, Month):
        self._Month = Month

    def getMonth(self):
        #pass in get month value here currently just setting it to 5
        get_Month = 5
        while True:
                    if 1 <= get_Month and get_Month <= 12: 
                        return self._Month
                except ValueError:
                        print("Please enter only integer numbers! from 1-12")

    def setDay(self, Day):
        self._Day = Day

    def getDay(self):
        get_Day = 28
        while True:
                    if 1 <= get_Day and get_Day <= 31: 
                        return self._Day
                except ValueError:
                        print("Please enter only integer numbers! from 1-31")

    def setYear(self, Year):
        self._Year = Year

    def getYear(self):
        return self._Year

    def __str__(self):
        display = "The month is: '" + str(self._Month) + "' and the day is: '"
        display += str(self._Day) + "' The Year is: " + str(self._Year) 
        return display

#Test class Date code test
if __name__ == '__main__':
  myDate = Date()
  print myDate

You would probably want to import both of those files as seperate modules into a core main script. Then you can use the return statements in your get functions.

I have difficulty in understanding what you mean in:

def getName(self):
        _Name = raw_input('Please give me your Name. ') # put in variable never used
        name = [] 
        namlist.append(name) # add name==[] to local variable namlist never initialized
        return self._Name    # return old name