Over the past few days I have been writing a bootloader/kernel in NASM... It loads perfectly fine when I write it to a virtual floppy using PARTCOPY, and then boot to it from Oracle VM VirtualBox. However, when I write it to a physical floppy and try to boot to it from startup, nothing appears and it hangs. Any ideas as to why?

Bootloader code-

[bits 16]
[org 0x7C00]
jmp reset
reset:			;Resets floppy drive
	xor ax,ax	;0 = Reset floppy disk
	mov dl,0		;Drive 0 is floppy
	int 0x13
	jc reset		;If carry flag was set, try again
	mov ax,0x1000	;When we read the sector, we are going to read address 0x1000
	mov es,ax		;Set ES with 0x1000

	mov ah,0x2	;2 = Read floppy
	mov al,0x1	;Reading one sector
	mov ch,0x0	;Track 1 *0 = 1*
	mov cl,0x2	;Sector 2, track 1
	mov dh,0x0	;Head 1
	mov dl,0x0	;Drive = 0 (Floppy)
	int 0x13
	jc floppy	;If carry flag was set, try again
jmp 0x1000:0000	;Jump to 0x1000, start of second program

times 510 - ($ - $$) db 0		;Fill the rest of sector with 0 (nil) to make the file end up as 512 bytes
dw 0xAA55	;This is the boot signiture, it tells the BIOS that this is a valid bootloader

Program that is loaded from bootloader-

[bits 16]
[org 0]		;0x1000
jmp main
push cs	;Push Code Segment
pop ds	;Pop Data Segment

;Code starts here
mov cx,welcomeLength
mov si,welcome
call print_
mov cx,welcomeOSLength
mov si,welcomeOS
call print_
mov cx,dwarfl
mov si,dwarf
call print_

cli	;Disable interrupts
hlt	;Halt the CPU	-	Hang

	lodsb	;Grab color attribute from front of string
	mov bl,al	;Place it into BL
	call color	;Note that CX must have the string length
		lodsb			;Load next byte from SI into AL
		or al,al			;Is it 0?
		jz exit			;If yes, we're done
		call print			;Display the char in AL
		jmp printstr_
	mov ah,0x0E		;0x0E = Display character in AL with attribute in BL
	xor bh,bh		;Set BH to 0; Page 0
	mov bl,0xC		;Color = Bright Red
	int 0x10
	ret				;Return and keep loading/displaying our string
color:		;AL = char, BL = attribute, CX = amount of char
	mov ah,0x9	;0x9 = Write character attribute
	mov al,0		;Nil characters
	int 0x10
	ret		;Return to main code

;Data section
welcome 		db 0xC,"Boot Successful . . .",13,10,0
	welcomeLength 		EQU ($-welcome)-3
welcomeOS	db 0xA,"Welcome to ",0
	welcomeOSLength 	EQU ($-welcomeOS)-1
dwarf		db 0xB,"DwarfOS!",13,10,0
	dwarfl			EQU ($-dwarf)-3

Written to floppy A using:

partcopy dwarf.bin 0 200 -f0
partcopy kernel.bin 0 2000 -f0 200

Solved, thanks for stopping by anyways.

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