Hi, I have been ask to do this:
Write a function wallOfEyes that takes three parameters (radius,
width and height) and displays, in a window of exactly the right size,
a “wall” of brown eyes of the given radius and dimensions. E.g., the
function call wallOfEyes(50, 4, 2) should give a 400 × 200
graphics window

This is my code so far:

def wallOfEyes(radius, width, height):
    radius =
    win = GraphWin("Wall Of Eyes", width, height)
    width = win.width
    height = win.height

I'm not sure how you change the size of the graphics window according to the dimensions given by the user. I'm also a bit stuck with radius.

Thanks :)

Example call of function seems to have width value 4 and height 2, you should know a way to change them to 400 and 200

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