Hey Guys!

I'm really wanting to start learning a beneficial, but fairly easy-to-use programming language. I've tried to discuss this at other online communities and have also asked this question at a few seminar's I've been to recently.

My objective is to create more advanced software that interacts with the Internet. As software programming is a difficult learning curve, it's been suggested that I learn either vb.net or python. I know the very basics with VB.net, and am slowly getting more comfortable using Visual Studio - but with all these suggestions and my knowledge lacking I just wanted to ask for your opinions?

I think I would enjoy creating something visual stunning, and still have the most powerful option at hand - so do you think I should go with Python? I mean, I've heard that Python is the dominant language in gaming, and it's ability to adapt is awesome ... with its similarities with C++, do you think that's my best option?

Thanks for all your input guys, your advice is really appreciated!

The only language that has similarities with C++ IMHO is Java.

VB.Net has the power of Microsoft behind it and is a well established language.

Python is open source and supported by an innovative group of people.
It's syntax is easy to learn, but it is a modular language and its power
is in those modules and learning how to use them.

IronPython uses the syntax of Python and the Microsft.NET framework.
It leans somewhat on the C# language.

To be honest, I have dabbled with all those languages, and find Python to be the most appealing to my taste. That could be just a personal preference of a scientist with a square head.