I am having an issue with a data filled combo box. I can not put my finger on why it is giving me the "run-time error 424 object required" error. The code is simple and the data is there.

Dim sSql As String
    Set rsMfg = New ADODB.Recordset
    sSql = "Select SourceID, [Source Name Code] AS sc From Source Order By [Source Name Code]"
    Set rsMfg = New ADODB.Recordset
    rsMfg.Open sSql, caConn, adOpenStatic
    Do While Not rsMfg.EOF
        cboWSaler.AddItem (rsMfg!sc)
        cboWSaler.ItemData(cboWSaler.NewIndex) = rsMfg!SourceID
    Set rsMfg = Nothing

Any ideas on this will be greatly appreciated.


The reason for the error was a typo. I am not sure why this was moved to the VB.NET because it is VB6