Hello all,
When you first open a professionally made application a dialog box appears with an "install wizard" that lets the user install the program to a specific destination on the hard drive and among other thing change some settings.

How do you make one of these using visual basic 2010 assuming that you all ready have the .vb,.exe, and .dll files for your program successfully created?

Thanks in advance!

you need to add a setup project to your main project. steps involved are:
1. click on the file menu, select add, new project
2. on the left pane of the dialog box, select other project types
3. select setup and deployment from the drop down
4. Name your setup project and click ok
5. Make all necessary changes to the stup project like the manufacturer's name and others
6. After all done, click the build menu and click publish
7. check the debug folder located in the bin folder in your project directory to obtain your setup and MSI file