hi, i was just wondering if someone could point me in the right direction on how i would go about writing up code for displaying a plane-collection of harmonic oscillators. i would like to display them as oscillating spheres. i have code written up for graphing 1-d coupled oscillators and would like to find out how i can put them into am array. i would like to run the visualization from eigenvalues that i can calculate from an NxN dynamical matrix. im not looking for someone to write the code for me, but more an outline of a decent procedure to follow.

thanks :)

ya, im using the nympy and scipy modules. i have pythonxy installed actually, but am considering only having vpython with python 3.1. though, not sure on the developemental qualities of pythonxy. i figured that it should have sufficient modules for the task?

i was wondering if there are any modules for numpy and/or scipy that may help me out, or if anyone could possibly direct me to sample code?

I think you need little more concrete, maybe scaled down runnable version code. Post it with one use case. You want to generate real time 3d visualization or data file to generate 'movie file'?

id like to generate real time 3D. see, i have equations that id like to iterate through, and will end up with a dynamic matrix containing eigenvalues for the discrete nodes