How to solve stack over flow?

In my application no recursive function call.

It is a J2EE application (web)

In the application one Applet is calling. This applet having many pages and many records, and the records arranged in different pages. While going to next page it taking too much time to repaint the applet. some time some part of the records is showing

This application handles 1000s of records and the data type using for it is Vector

Before occurring stack overflow, some null pointer exception invokes.

Also the Applet is taking time to repaint when the next page invokes.

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Some code will help to see what is going on...

Yes, code would definately help, but an applet is not a J2EE application. It is a simple standalone application that just happens to be able to be run in a browser, and can be downloaded by the browser, just like an image (no more, no less) before being executed.

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