I am aware that this is something that has been asked repeatedly, and that conio is outdated, it is completely non-standard, but I need do use BGI graphics(in Turbo C++ 3) for my school project and for that along with BGI I need conio too..

I convinced my teacher to let me use CodeBlocks/MinGW, but the graphics is the part that's giving problems.
I've got 3 days left and desperately need to get it working ..

Porting the entire code to Turbo C++ from codeblocks is not an option :(

I'm using WinBGIm with codeblocks, and it seems to work well..
However, some of the code requires functions like textcolor(), cprintf(),etc that require conio.h..

I've tried the conio libraries from here : http://conio.sourceforge.net/ and http://www14.brinkster.com/aditsu/console/ (copied the requisite files to the include folder, the lib folder, and added the linker parameters), but I get this error regarding the new conio.h

error: conflicting declaration 'BLACK'
error: 'BLACK' has a previous declaration as `colors BLACK'
error: declaration of 'BLACK'
error: conflicts with previous declaration `colors BLACK'

and so on for all colours

and then

'More errors follow but not being shown'

Am I missing something?
Please Help!!

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There were double declarations for the colours enum in both graphics.h from winbgim and conio.h that was causing the conflict..
Deleted the one in conio.h.

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