Hey Guys i was wondering if i could get a bit of help

I'm creating a program that contains a number of different sorting methods (insertion, quick, merge) that sort an array of bikes.

Bike[] bikes = new Bike[13];

        bikes[0] = new Bike("Mountain", 160, "Diamond", 6, 18, "Standard", "Hardtail", "V Brakes");
        bikes[1] = new Bike("Mountain", 199.99, "Step-through", 7, 20, "Single Shock", "Horst Link", "Cantilever");
        bikes[2] = new Bike("Tandem", 150, "Tandem", 5, 22, "Standard", "Single", "Spoon");

I'm then do a simple switch statement that calls the insertion sort method

switch (option) {

                case 1:

Then creating a generic insertion sort method

private static  <T extends Comparable<? super T>> void insertionSort(T [] bikes) {   

The problem that I am having is that I cannot figure out what exactly is meant to go within the brackets within the insertionSort() case statement and within the void insertionSort() brackets in the insertion sort method.

Everything that i have tried will not work with the code that I have to use with the insertionSort method.

I'm not asking for anyone to actually do it for me, just a couple of pointers as to were I am going wrong.

Many Thanks


Its quiet simple really, what you do is read the notes that Donnelly put together instead of getting people on the internet to do your assignment for you

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