I am trying to perform a few basic operations on MySql database through my delphi application.

I am using MySql server 5.1 with Delphi 7

Here is what I have done( please correct me if I am wrong with the approach)

- Created DataSource with MYSQL ODBC 5.1 driver
- Using ADO connection, ADO table , Data Source and DB grid Components
- Have retrieved the table and the fields on the form.
- I am stuck at this point and no idea how to proceed further

Here is what I want to do

- I want to have data aware components on the form and on a button click want to insert it on the database
- I tried using ADOCommand but did not know how to execute the command.
- Just commands like insert, delete, update, alter etc...

Please let me know if there is a guide which will help with this basic set of operations. I did google but couldn't find anything useful.

No luck yet!!!!

try this http://zeos.firmos.at/portal.php

free mysql components set maybe just what you need

just drag the ZConnection component on to form edit the db information.
then drop a ZTable component on to form hook it upto zconnection and find the table in database you want to access under tablename

and then you can do

so on

hope it helps

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