I have 3 text boxes and one command button on this form. Users are supposed to input something into text1 and text2 and click the command button for text3 to show the results. However I would like the programme to consider the values of text1 and text2 and based the results on that.

As long as text1 and text2 have even a particular part of a word that the user types in it should have a pre-determined result. Like say...the programme would respond to ANY words as long as it had the keywords "King" and "Little" in it.. If the user inputs "Adam King" and "Brian Littleton", just part of the two words should trigger the result as true, but if there is only one key word in only either one text or neither then the result should be false and depending on true or false the result is displayed in the text3 after the user inputs both values and clicks the button.

Yikes thats long...any one can help?