Hello all i am in need of some help with a datatier layout.

I understand the gui, bussinessRules, but i am really not making any progress on the data tier. i have been tring to get a grip on the this one for over a week. I completely understand the concept, i am confused when it comes to what implemetion i should use.. Some say a dataset,, some say a datareader,,

Can someone please send me a url (and i have read alot of googles ones already) or of a way to implement this and different options that i can use..

Here is the 'Duwamish7 example from the sdks,,,, i am just lost when i think of how i should do this without the dataset.. What other kind of store can i use and how can i implement this..

*** One of my biggest problems is that i do not know all of my options for this layer.. and its hard to find anything on the net that focuses on the datatier only

sos here

Please here,


Option Strict On
Option Explicit On

Imports System
Imports System.Data
Imports System.Runtime.Serialization

Namespace Duwamish7.Common.data
' Namespace: Duwamish7.Common.Data
' Class: BookData
' Description:
' A custom serializable dataset containing book information.
<System.ComponentModel.DesignerCategory("Code"), SerializableAttribute()> Public Class BookData
Inherits DataSet
' Books table constants
Public Const BOOKS_TABLE As String = "Books"
Public Const PKID_FIELD As String = "PKId"
Public Const TYPE_ID_FIELD As String = "TypeId"
Public Const PUBLISHER_ID_FIELD As String = "PublisherId"
Public Const PUBLICATION_YEAR_FIELD As String = "PublicationYear"
Public Const ISBN_FIELD As String = "ISBN"
Public Const IMAGE_FILE_SPEC_FIELD As String = "ImageFileSpec"
Public Const TITLE_FIELD As String = "Title"
Public Const DESCRIPTION_FIELD As String = "Description"
Public Const UNIT_PRICE_FIELD As String = "UnitPrice"
Public Const UNIT_COST_FIELD As String = "UnitCost"
Public Const ITEM_TYPE_FIELD As String = "ItemType"
Public Const PUBLISHER_NAME_FIELD As String = "PublisherName"
Public Const AUTHORS_FIELD As String = "Authors"

Well, it depends on what you would like to do. The main thing the datatier should do is keep the data access seperate from the rest of the application. I most often use a module and then pass a dataview between the layers. I somtimes will pass a dataset. It most often depends on what I wnt to do. The data access layer / module will also make your code easier to follow as the data access layer is the central point for accessing the database.