I need to be able to upload a photo from a datagridview. I am using the C# ready database (I don't know what excatly it is called. But I have made a login page using login control and created a few users).
I have added a new table or maybe a few columns in UserTable to add more details like gender, age and also upload a photo.

I can upload age and gender just by adding a textbox or a dropdown control.

To upload the photo I want to get the FileUpload1.FileName and add it in my sql table. And then save the file in a folder. So I have the path of the photo in my Sql database and the file in a folder to be able to retrieve it.

Here is a brief:
- Get the FileUpload1.FileName for the path to be saved in sql database (Without making a seperate sql connection by coding - using datagridview)
- Upload the path of the file in my sql database
- Upload a file (Image for example) in a folder

I need to know how can I say INSERT INTO bla bla ... FileName = @FileUpload1.FileName

Simpler is better!
Thanks alot.