Hey guys, I have a problem, I have to take a text and depending if a boolean - split_words is true or false I have to parse the text on some lines splitting the words or leaving them whole.
for example, text is: This is the text I have to split.
split_words = true

This is th
e text I h
ave to spl

split_words = false

This is 
the text I
have to

the 0123456789 are just for guidelines.
I managed to do the part for split_words = true, I can seem to figure out to do it for split_words=false.

it seems the text arrangement gets change when I post but I hope you get the ideea behind the split.

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Okay? For the first one a simple substr in a loop. In the second one a simple substr in a loop combined with charAt to determine the index.

Using those hints, give it a try and then post your code with a specific question.

Thank you for the idea, I finally managed to do it.
for split=true code is pretty intuitive, for false it took a little work but I managed to finish it.
I can't post the code yet because the homework is still active but if you don't mind I can pm you the code and you can give me feedback on how I can optimize it.

thanks again for the help.

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