Hey all, this probably is a simple fix and i just don't see it.

I am having trouble printing out a code. I am supposed to print a list of User-names passwords and Pin numbers in visual C++ console, but when i run the program my pin numbers seem to be set automatically to a large random number.

here's some of my code:

const int MAXUSERS = 100;

// struct type
struct Login	
int PIN;

typedef Login Users [MAXUSERS];

void ReadAllUsers (int numusers, Users ID);
void PrintAllUsers (int numusers, const Users ID);
void PrintOneUser (Login inID);

int main ()
Users ID;
int numusers;

//read's file to pull into struct
ReadAllUsers (numusers, ID);

//print list of users
PrintAllUsers (numusers, ID);


void ReadAllUsers (int numusers, Users ID)

int lcv;	 // for loop counter
int pins = 0;
ifstream infile;	 // input data file

// open the data file; abort run if can't open
infile.open ( "file.txt" );
if (!infile)
cout << "Error, file could not be opened."
<< endl << endl;

infile >> numusers;
infile.ignore (200, '\n');

for (lcv = 0; lcv < numusers; lcv++)
getline (infile, ID[lcv].username);
getline (infile, ID[lcv].password);
infile >> ID[lcv].PIN; 
infile.ignore (200, '\n');

}	// for loop
infile.clear ( );
infile.close ( );



I am pulling information for a text file that looks something like this (minus the <<---***** i added that to explain what each item is for):

5 <<-- first input saying how many users
gen34 <<--- username
mixitup <<-- password
8844 <<--- PIN #

and repeats a couple more times.

When I debug the program, all my int (lvc, numusers, PIN) are being set to -858993460. I can't seem to figure out why. It should be pulling 5 from the first value, then username and password are being pulled in the struct correctly, then i see PIN set to some ridiculous number.


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Pass in numusers to ReadAllUsers by reference. Change lines 14 and 33 and add an & between int and numusers.

The way you have it now, numusers is uninitialized in main, so you send garbage into ReadAllUsers, which only changes a copy of it to a value, but the one in main() is left unchanged.

It never hurts to initialize a variable (to zero or otherwise) when it's declared and is necessary if you are going to use it for a counter/index variable etc.

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I have stubbled across another problem in my code. I am getting multiple errors when i try and do a linear search. or write an if statement to compare a user input to the username in the text file.

int linearsearch (string InUserName,const Users ID, int numusers)
	int notfound = -1;
	int count;
	for (count = 0; count < numusers; count++)
		if (InUserName == ID [count])
			 return count;
	return notfound;

I'm getting an error saying:
error C2784: 'bool std::operator ==(const std::basic_string<_Elem,_Traits,_Alloc> &,const _Elem *)' : could not deduce template argument for 'const _Elem *' from 'const Login'

Because what I'm doing is trying to make a linear search find the same entry. So when a person inputs a Username, Password and PIN # they all match up in the same element in the array. So it's not matching random part's of the array.


Well in line 7 i am taking the cin from another function and pulling it in and comparing it to the first string in the struct.

I am just confused why it's giving me an error.

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