Hey, I am trying to make a program where when you click on a button, the button will open a new window and on that new window has different buttons you can click on. I use DEV-C++. Any solutions?

What API are you using? Win32? MFC? CLI?

Yeah. I have read that that tutorial. Here I will give you an example of the code. I started a new windows application project.

switch (message)

                   case WM_CREATE:
                         CreateWindow( TEXT(" button"), TEXT("my ten questions"),
                         WM_VISIBLE | WM_CHILD,
                         10, 10, 80, 25,
                          hwnd, (HMENU) 1, NULL, NULL); 

                           case WM_COMMAND:

                            if(LOWORD(wParam) == 1)
                                    // here is where I would create my new window with my new buttons

All I need is the code to be able to create a new window when you click on the buttons.