I have below code to draw the circle, i want to add vertical line dividing the circle half and horizontal line and cross lines like in attached document. all the lines divide the circle equally with 45 degrees angle. I really appreciate the guidance

from turtle import *
r=100 ## radius of current circle
a=20 ## separation

## separation walk pen up
right(90) ## restoring direction



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Do you want a consul script or GUI???

be specific plz ;)

GUI script plz

consul script would be fine too, i need to add to my function

It is more accurant to say: 'I have found tonyjv's post with this code for consentric circles in Daniweb'. Somebody could think that you wrote those lines yourselves. Also it is considered necessary to show some own effort. And use the (CODE) button before pasting, putting a link to the earlier thread also works.

I understand and apologize. i need to extend that code to draw lines and fill color in each half of the circle that divides at 45degrees angle. I am just beginner to python and trying to learn more about graphics feature of the language.
really appreciate any support
The above code is from one of the post by tonyjv. I maynot use it as it is i need to get an idea how to extend it to add more graphics to it.


Start looking into wxpython ok? You must at least start with a GUI . I prefer wxpython.
I can write you one but the problem is, will you understand the script at all to even extend it??

Your answer plz. ;)

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