Im not familiar with the correct terminology to use with this.

I have a form that i need to use in two different projects, and the form can remain identical for each project.

I have read that there are code bases in other ides, where i could make a shared directory and just link to the file i want to include. anytime i change that form it is updated and shared between each program.

kind of like a php include('') ..

libraries/dlls (maybe im missing something) but i dont see a way to share an actual form (interface and code) instead of just the code using the class library.

is there a way around this or should i just make the form in each project?


Hi Jeff, not sure if I understand you correctly, but isn't this just a matter of adding the same project to two different solutions?



(FIle - addexisting project - sharedformproject.vbproj)

Being careful, of course, that changes to the shared project for the benefit of solution1 may cause problems when subsequently working on solution2

i actually figured this out

-- trying to explain better: say i had a class clsGlobals that contains global functions that i use in all of the applications.. i was trying to share that file from one location instead of duplicating it in each project and avoid making it a .dll

if you click add existing item to the project, and whenever you selected the file you want to add, click the arrow beside the add button and select add as link.

this way it is shared between the apps in a center location, updated etc. and i dont have to duplicate the code in each project.

i just have to make sure changes do not affect the other systems.

thanks for your response