Now I have written a function for numbers over 3999:
if arabicnumber<=3999:
print arabToRom
while (arabicnumber)>3999
for i in range (parenthesis...
etc and i compare all the numbers that i write in so if i write like 5560 it pirints out ( V ) and the 560 as usual.

Now i wonder, how do i do this the other way? Which code and function? I want to write in (V) and it prints out 5000 but it doesent work.
How do i do it? Please help .

post your code again inside the code tags please.

You would have to test for "(" and then traverse (or split) to the ")". The letters in between would be divided by 1000.

can you write an exemple code?

I'm sure I could but I'm not the one who's taking the class.

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